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    Federal Law-Section 504 Helps Students - Kristen Houghton
    Do you know what educational rights your child has under Federal law? He or she may qualify for help under Section 504, a law created to help adults but later amended to help children.
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    Mommy, My Teacher Hates Me! - Kristen Houghton
    If you have heard the statement, “My teacher hates me!” from your elementary school child, don’t panic but sit down and discuss this feeling she has. If what she says sounds serious to you, it probably is. Take it very seriously.
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    Section 504 in Education - Can It Benefit Your Child? - Kristen Houghton
    Too few parents of special needs children are aware of the different programs available for their child. Special Ed classes are not the answer for all children. Section 504 may better suit your child’s needs.
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