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    It's Okay to Have a Selfish Marriage - Kristen Houghton
    Recently I heard a marriage referred to as "selfish," as in, "you two are so into each other, you're selfish." The comment was made by an aunt of a friend who wanted her niece to drive her to a furniture warehouse, a trip that would take most of a Saturday.
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    VIDEO - Should You Confess Your Affair? --Dr Sheri Meyers - Family Related Videos
    INFIDELITY-Renown TV relationship therapist, Dr Sheri Meyers discusses the pros and cons of telling your partner that you had an affair.
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    Five Reasons Why Co-Parenting is the Best Option in Most Circumstances - Faizan Artani
    Divorce can be extremely difficult, but when a divorce includes arranging custody for children, matters can seem even more stressful. Every court and family attorney will advise, wherever possible, that parents share the responsibilities and custody of their children.
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