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Mothering Boys

By writingmommy

I am the mom of two small boys. I never pictured myself having more than one son. I always pictured myself with at least one girl and of course, a boy. I mean, so many people think the ideal family is one of each gender; I was no different. I assumed God would see it my way and bless me with a boy and a girl. Obviously, the big guy had other ideas.

Instead, I was blessed with two boys. It is pretty funny to think about because when it comes to girly-girls, I was it! I was a Barbie playing, doll loving, makeup-wearing, cheerleading, hates the dirt kind of gal! Seriously, if there were a picture next to the word “prissy” in the dictionary, it would have been mine! I was that much of a girl! I didn’t like getting dirty, I yelled and ran away from any type of insect, I ducked at any ball thrown at me. I was “that girl” that so many other girls dislike.

I was content to stay inside and braid my doll’s hair, play with my Barbie Dream House, or read a good Sweet Valley High book, rather than join the neighbor kids outside. Outside meant dirty, and dirty wasn’t something I enjoyed. Rarely did I join the other kids in a game outside, and when I did, I didn’t stay long. Bugs, bug bites. Yuck. Do you get what I am saying here? I was a total girl!

Then I had my first child…a son. I figured that soon enough, we would have another child and I would get my girl. Just like I had planned. We had our second child…a boy. Did I mention that we were not having any more children? So, that daughter thing wasn’t going to happen. I can say in all certainty that my sons will not allow me to braid their hair, nor will they want me to sit down with them and play dolls or do makeup. I am fairly certain that their father would not allow me to do those things with them either.

So, this girly-girl had to learn how to be a bit more “boyish”. What has having boys taught me? It has taught me to loosen up. Am I still a girly-girl? I can be. I am just not as extreme as I once was. I have touched more worms and studied more spiders than I care to discuss. I have learned that the outside is full of possibilities and new adventures, especially when you are four and two. Seeing a turtle close-up is a cool thing! Watching geese fly overhead is amazing. Lying on the grass and looking at the clouds with a four year olds’ hand in yours is like nothing I can explain. Who cares that the grass makes me sneeze or that I may get a little dirt on me? I can say in all honesty, that I don’t anymore!

What is it like being a mom to boys? I know that I have two rug rats who currently love their mom unconditionally. I have free hugs and kisses all day. I take great pride in the fact that a kiss from Mom can make it better when my boys are hurt. I know that I will love deeper for the rest of my life, thanks to those two little men. I will never be able to hear of a child being hurt, abused, lost, cold, sad, whatever, without thinking of my boys. I will never be the same.

So, what has having two boys done for this former extreme girly-girl? It is very simple really, those two little boys have taught me to enjoy life in a way I have never experienced. They have opened up so many windows for me, windows that I would never have opened had I not had two boys for my children. I will jump in leaves, roll in the dirt and maybe even put a fish on a hook for my boys, and I will do it all with a smile on my face. Dirt, slime, bugs, you’ve all got nothing on me anymore!