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Accomplishing Daily Chores as a Work at Home Mom (WAHM)

By Candice Pardue

You've finally reached your goal of being a work at home
mom. It's a great feeling when you say goodbye to the job
atmosphere and begin staying home with your children. Whether
you have little ones or big ones, your kids are probably glad
to have you home as well.

Even though it might be a joy to finally have the work
at home opportunity, you'll quickly discover that even working
at home can be stressful at times. You've now increased your
daily chores, and it will take scheduling and training to
get your house in order.

Below are some great tips to simplify your daily chores and
help you keep your sanity. You'll be a "sweet" work at home
mom if you follow these simple guidelines!

More Wear and Tear on Your Home

When driving your vehicle to and from work each day, your vehicle
requires maintenance due to the wear and tear that occurs. You
must change the oil, tires, keep plenty of water in the battery,
etc. If you don't do these things, your car will break down and
you won't be able to get to work.

This is going to sound very basic, but many working stay home
mothers miss this important aspect of being at home and wind up
getting totally stressed over it. Your home is obviously
going to experience wear and tear when you and your
children begin staying home all day each day. You'll use
the toilet and sinks more often, thus, resulting in possibly
a higher water bill. You'll use more power. The house
will get messy because someone's there to mess it up! When
you worked away from the home, your children used the sitter's
home or building to play, cry, spill food, etc. Now, they're
in your home all day.

Your Children Can and Should Help

If you have children that are 3 yrs. old and up, you should
begin training them early that the home is not to be
destroyed. Train them to pick up after themselves, keep
food and drinks in the kitchen (unless supervised) and
to do basic chores or "maintenance" each day. They'll have
a purpose in life and you'll have less stress. Who wants to
spend three hours cleaning a house every day after work?

Teach your children these few things while training them to
help you with the house chores:

1. They're helping mommy to work so she can stay home.
2. They're contributing to maintenance for the house.
3. They'll be rewarded each week for being faithful to
their chores.

If you allow the children to be messy all day with no
responsibilities, you'll be discouraged about staying at
home quickly. Depending on the type of work you do and
the age of your children, you may or may not be able
to supervise your children continually. This can also cause problems.

You might want to consider a part time sitter
during your busiest times so you won't feel that you're neglecting them all day.


Set a schedule for cooking and clean-up at breakfast and lunch.
You can use eating times for a break from work and to spend with
the kids. If you have older children, you can teach them
to cook lunch for you. What child wouldn't be thrilled to
cook mommy's lunch while she's working each day?

Plan simple meals for breakfast and lunch since this is usually
your most productive time of the day. You don't want to spend
an hour cooking either meal.

Running Errands

It's tempting to run all sorts of errands during the day since
you're home now. Even if you're able to set your on schedule,
you should consider productivity for your work. Running errands in
the morning when you're usually the most alert is not wise.
When you return to your work, you might be too tired to focus.
This decreases your productivity for the day. You should
tackle your work first, then run errands after you've reached
your daily goal. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment, and
you'll actually enjoy running errands with the kids.

A Little Adds Up

Working at home can be fun if you concentrate on the positive
benefits. Don't get overwhelmed by daily chores, but do a little
at a time. So what if your house doesn't look perfect every day.
Whose does? You can do quick 15-minute chores each day to
make your home look "cosmetically" great without deep
cleaning. Save the deep cleaning for your day off, or
set aside an afternoon to do this.

You'll encounter less stress as a work at home mom if you
remember the tips above. Staying organized in your home
and business life are difficult tasks, but they can be
accomplished. Many moms are discovering the joy of
working at home today.