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    American woman gives birth during family trip to a zoo in Omaha, Nebraska - BBC News - Health
    Kymica Hubbard was on a family day out at a zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, when she went into early labour.
    Recordings Reveal Baby Humpback Whales 'Whisper' To Their Mothers - NPR News - Top Stories
    A mother and calf humpback whale swim in the Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia.

    Scientists recently tracked eight baby whales using special sound and moveme ...

    Fighting Steep Odds, Flint Starts To See Bright Spots - NPR News - Top Stories
    There are coffeehouses and restaurants along Saginaw Street in downtown Flint, Mich. Ten years ago, there were almost none.

    Despite its recent water crisi ...

    Chobani Yogurt Sues Alex Jones Over Sexual Assault Report - New York Times - Business
    The lawsuit said that Chobani has suffered after a report on InfoWars connecting the factory with a child sexual assault because it involved refugees, which Chobani has made a policy of hiring.
    Scientists Create Artificial Womb That Could Help Prematurely Born Babies - NPR News - Top Stories
    An illustration of a fetal lamb inside the "artificial womb" device, which mimics the conditions inside a pregnant animal.

    The device kept fetal lambs alive ...

    Changes To Federal Insurance Plans Could Hurt Families Of Chronically Ill Kids - NPR News - Top Stories
    Roughly 2 million of the kids covered by the Children

    Some urge ending funding to the Childre ...

    Psychiatrist Recalls 'Heartbreak And Hope' On Bellevue's Prison Ward - NPR News - Top Stories
    The inmates in Bellevue are awaiting trial for a variety of offenses, ranging from sleeping on the subway to murder.

    Dr. Elizabeth Ford treated mentally ill inmates ...

    Eat, Sleep, Repeat: How Kids' Daily Routines Can Help Prevent Obesity - NPR News - Top Stories
    A new study suggests wrangling your kids to bed at the same time each night could help set them up for a healthier future.

    A new study finds that presc ...

    Inside a neonatal intensive care unit - BBC News - Health
    What does it take to care for the sickest premature babies? 5 live takes a look inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Burnley General hospital.
    Welcome to the World’s Coolest Kindergarten - New York Times - Top Stories
    “My God, my kid needs to go here”: In Hamburg, Germany, a professional soccer stadium is also home to an early-education program.
    Review: Some Sugar but Not Enough Spice in This ‘Chocolate Factory’ - New York Times - Top Stories
    Christian Borle is the eccentric Willy Wonka in this tentative musical based on the Roald Dahl children’s classic.
    ‘Dreamers’ Are Not Target of Immigrant Crackdown, Cabinets Officials Say - New York Times - Top Stories
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly indicated that children of undocumented immigrants were “caught between the law” and that President Trump was “sympathetic.”
    Trump Plan Could Erase This School Program - New York Times - Top Stories
    The president's budget proposal would eliminate the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant program, which serves about 1.6 million children nationally. In 360, we take a closer look at an after-school program in North Carolina that would be cut.
    American Airlines Suspends Flight Attendant After Altercation Over Stroller - New York Times - Top Stories
    A witness said the attendant had taken a stroller from a woman traveling with two young children and had then nearly come to blows with another passenger. American quickly apologized.
    Trump Reaches Beyond West Wing for Counsel - New York Times - Top Stories
    The president has turned to a group of advisers — from family, real estate, media, finance and politics — all of whom are outside the White House gates
    Old, Ill and Ordered Deported From Denmark to Afghanistan - New York Times - Top Stories
    A woman with dementia has been ordered to leave her family and return to her native country, reflecting Europe’s growing anti-immigrant sentiment.
    Power Rangers Bring Mighty Morphin Delight To Kids In Hospital - NPR News - Top Stories
    Window washers dressed as Power Rangers dangled outside Children
    Kids' special bond with disabled siblings - BBC News - Health
    Former special education teacher Chris Ulmer interviews children with disabilities and their siblings.
    #CuriousGoat: Submit A Question About World Hunger And Famine - NPR News - Top Stories
    Somali children walk to a food distribution on the outskirts of Mogadishu, on April 9.

    More than 20 million people across four countries in Africa and the ...

    U.K. Delays Review of 21st Century Fox Deal for Sky - New York Times - Top Stories
    The regulatory examination, to consider whether the Murdoch family would gain too much control over Britain’s media landscape, was delayed until after June elections.